Hand sanitation equipment
Clean room attire (Hairnet, Cleanroom Gown, Mouth mask, Nitrile Gloves, Shoe covers)
Scoop Production
Lid Production
Scoop Wrapping
Resin loading room
Dust Free Production Room
With ORYX PLASTIC’s vast experience in manufacturing of plastic wares for food contact use, the company adheres to the following criteria to comply with the stringent requirements of its customers:
Pest Control

• Establishment of a documented pest control program including approved list of pesticide and schematic map.
• Only pesticides approved for use in a food manufacturing facility are used.
• Filing of handling and mixing procedures, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and pesticide labels.
• Labeling and storing of all pesticides.

• Establishment of a master sanitation program.
• Only cleaning and sanitizing chemicals approved for use in the facility are used.
• Availability of MSDS and labels.
• Testing and monitoring of water quality annually.
Operations and Facility

• Establishment of a maintenance related product safety program.
• Lights and other breakable materials are shielded to prevent potential contamination.
• Establishment of a glass policy (glass control, guidelines for broken glass incidents and glass disposal instructions).
Product Protection

• Foreign material/QA control devices/methods are used and evaluated to ensure proper operation.
Product Recovery

• Establishment of a documented Product Recall program.
• Maintenance of Contact Lists of suppliers and customers for product recoveries.
• Establishment of a Mock Recovery Program.
• Conducts Internal Mock Recovery annually.
• Establishment of a documented Food Security Program.
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